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Insurance Amnesty Is Here

Do You Have Unpaid Insurance Fines That Are Holding You Back? We Are Here to Help You Get Back on the Road.

MD Insurance Amnesty 2019 is a program of the uninsured division of the Maryland automobile insurance fund that gives eligible participants the ability to pay a fraction of their overall uninsured auto fines owed to the MVA.  80% of the fines will be forgiven and a client can pay in 1 lump sum or installments WITHOUT GOING TO CCU using cash, credit cards or e-check.

Amnesty Program

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    People who have uninsured MVA fines prior to January 2017 are eligible.

    MD Insurance Amnesty 2019 runs from July -December 31st, 2019.  Payments must be started prior to December 31, 2019.





    Not Eligible? NO Problem!

    MVTA Tag and Title Agents are also helping NON AMNESTY clients reduce fees owed and help you to get back on the road!  For a small fee, you can determine what happened, if you are eligible for a reduction of fines, avoid MVA, streamline CCU and paperwork, take your downpayment and subsequent release to MVA. Why spend more days suffering without transportion and without work? What do we need to get started?  Soundex, (MD ID or driver license number) Cell Phone, email address. That’s it.

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    The information provided by MVTA on this website is for general informational purposes only.  MVTA is not affiliated with the State of Maryland. In 2018, the Maryland General Assembly authorized the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund (Maryland Auto Insurance) to administer the Program to Incentivize and Enable Uninsured Vehicle Owners to be Insured (SB 856). This program, “Finefix”, is solely being administered by the Uninsured Division of Maryland Auto Insurance.